Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business in Nigeria 2021

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How can digital marketing help you expand your business?  Learn the step by step how to expand your business using these digital marketing strategies. There are a lot of ways digital marketing can help you expand your business in Nigeria. Over the last few years, the number of people using the internet has increased. And this has affected how people carry out their online business transactions. Digital marketing is a way to connect with and influence your potential customers online. It is the most effective technique to increase visitors, improve brand image, and achieve the highest conversion rates. 

Digital marketing or online marketing is an exciting tool for growing your business. It has proven to be extremely beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses, regardless of the products or services they provide. So it’s important not to avoid these internet methods for your business.



There’s no better time than now to get started, and see the impact to use digital marketing to expand your business in Nigeria. And, you don’t really need to hire a complete team or create a new department to run a successful digital marketing firm. It’s enough to outsource your demands or get timely counsel from a reputable digital marketing consultant.



Below are 5 ways digital marketing can help you expand your online activities

1.    It allows your business to participate on equal terms with other business: digital marketing helps you with information that could help you compete both locally and internationally. The right information can set your business apart and helps you stand out


2.    It’s a low cost method of brand promotion: as a small business owner, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great social media handles that help you share your business stories without breaking the bank. These are platforms that can amplify your voice to connect with people to solve problems. There are no boundaries with what you could do with these tools to expand your business.



3.    It helps you to earn peoples trust: trust is a social factor for your business because you will be meeting new people. You will have to build credibility and followership by giving out valuable content. Posting contents consistently will help your build the relationship and trust.



4.    It positions you strategically for your online presence: Every other business owner wants their company to expand as technology advances. To accomplish so, they must have an online presence and be able to promote their business online on major search engines such as Google and other online platforms.


5.    It helps you in the longevity of your business: If your business got a large number of web visitors but none of them convert into purchases, your business may go out of business. Digital marketing not only provides more internet visits, but also converts those visitors into sales using specialized strategies and approaches.



6.    When compared to the traditional way, revenue generating is faster. Any organization can reach its target customers in a short amount of time by effectively utilizing digital marketing services. According to statistics, most SMEs have a 3.3 times better probability of increasing their operations using online marketing tools than they do with traditional ones. Revenues skyrocket, and profits skyrocket as well, despite the fact that relatively little money is invested.

Some digital marketing tips

·       Start using digital marketing tools like video marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

·       Set goals for your online marketing activities, gather data through analytics and stay on top of your business.

·       Invest in website development and search engine optimization increase your visibility on Google search

·       Create valuable contents for your blog post and ensure to post regularly


·       Hire a consultant for your business


As a business owner, you have a variety of options for promoting your company online and reaching your target audience. For your business to prosper online, you must use a variety of marketing methods. However, the truth is that combining multiple tactics can only help you achieve your goals. Digital marketing can assist you in attaining a high return on investment by providing all online solutions. 

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